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R E S U M E General data: Name: Ilija Family name: Drapsin Date of birth: March 16th 1944 Nationality: Slovenian Civil status: Married, one child Education : LaSalle University, Chicago, Illinois, USA Graduated: Business Administration with major in management (Specialty in Interational Trade & Finance) Skills : - Fluent in: English, German, Slovenian, - Good command of: Russian and Bulgarian - PC Literate - General use of the Office Equipment fixed and mobile. - Driving license Abilities: - Teamwork - Work under pressure - Well organized - Good communication skills - Good negotiation skills Key qualifications: Experience with execution several turn-key projects, on the foreign markets, highly competitive like USA and/or NAFTA countries, very good persuasive manners, through commercial talks and negotiations, very good approach to the trainees providing them with the necessary tools to the job in the appropriate manner. Excellent knowledge of the foreign markets for many products, knowing the products and the position of the domestic companies, as well as knowing domestic production and export markets needs. Knowledge of the domestic market, the needs within this market in all the categories. (Foreign / Domestic Trade, Manufacturing, Services, Financial Matters) Professional (Employment) history: Date: From: To: October 2001 up to day Location Serbia & Montenegro Company Free Lancer Position Counselor, Advisor, Marketing Analyst Salary: EUR. 12.000,00 per annum Description Free Lancer, engaged in various business areas, and companies: -NICOLAS-Belgrade-Fashion Garment Manufacturer March 2003- October 2003-Export Manager, responsible for organization of the production of the fashion garments for sale in the foreign countries like Germany, Bulgaria, Russia, promotion, sale, marketing, funds collecting, financial management. -AGROUNIFOOD-Belgrade/Jerusalem-Israel-Food production engineering-February 2003- September 2003, Export - Import manager, European Union, Russia and former Soviet Union. -HUMANITY-on several occasions in 2002, 2003, 2004 and 2005, making various Econometric Analysis, Feasibility Studies, Business Plans, Produces and Products Sourcing Human Resourcing, Waste Management, and Handling in Municipalities and Agro-Business, etc. -ADF/USAID (Americas Development Foundation/United States Aid)-March 2006-December 31, 2006, Business Consultant, Human Resource, Produces and Products Resourcing, Promotion and Sale of the locally made produces and products in the country and in foreign countries, Environmental Issues, Waste Management, etc. - (ACED) Association of Citizens for Economic Development of minorities and deprived persons, from February 2007 to date, so consultant for economic development and development of the production of fresh vegetables, fresh fruits, processed fruits and vegetables, breeding and growing the various live stock (hogs and porks, sheeps and goats, rabbits, steers and heifers) and production of the meat products, promotion and sale of the mentioned produces and products. Date: From: To: March 2001 October 2001 Location Cyprus Company Pegasus Trading Ltd. Position Marketing and Sales Manager Salary: US$ 3.000,00 per month Description Sale in international market of steel, iron and related ferrous metals products of Russian and Ukrainian origin. Date: From: To: April 2000 March 2001 Location Belgrade, Serbia Company International Organisation for Migration Position Claimant Officer Salary: US$ 1.200,00 per month Description Worked for the International Humanitarian of German Forced Labour Compensation Programme. Date: From: To: September 1999 April 2000 Location Belgrade, Serbia Company United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) Position Resettlement Officer Salary US$ 1.000,00 per month ...

LaSalle University, USA, Business Administration with major in Management


Језици: руски, енглески, бугарски, српски, словеначки

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